Volaero UAV & Drones Holdings Corp. Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

July 19, 2017 – Volaero Drones ( is a professional drone services company that integrates cutting edge drones, imagery, and data processing technologies to provide its clients with actionable analytics.

From flight mission planning to data processing, Volaero saves its clients time, money and resources, and boosts safety. We empower our clients to increase productivity, and find solutions that provide them the data they need to make better decisions, and compete in an increasingly competitive environment.

Volaero is a member of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council Aviation Committee, and also is a leader on the drone subcommittee for economic development for the County of Miami-Dade.

“Volaero is excited to announce the launch of its crowd funding campaign,” said Charles Zwebner, CEO of Volaero. “We are pleased to make the offering through NetCapital, because it allows our vendors, clients, followers, and members of our industry, to remain more closely connected to our company” added Zwebner.

For more information about Volaero’s crowd funding campaign, please visit:

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