Better Water with the Clear2O Advanced Water Filtration Pitcher

July 19, 2017 – It’s not only retirees looking to tour the country in motor homes, the millennial generation is also fueling new growth in recreational vehicle sales, interested in experiencing life on the GO!  But, one of the things that continues to be a nuisance, regardless if you are a retiree or millennial, is the taste of water in campgrounds.

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Tired of the expense and trips to the store to purchase bottled water?  Now you can get 50 gallons of clear, fresh water that you can store in your RV refrigerator. Introducing the Clear2O Advanced Filter Water Pitcher.

But this isn’t your average filter pitcher – The Clear2O  ADVANCED Water Filtration Pitcher uses a superior solid carbon block technology that fills in seconds by attaching directly to your RV kitchen faucet, while still offering the convenience of a pitcher. Clear2O  uses the pressure of your RV faucet to capture harmful contaminants in its superior solid block carbon cartridge, significantly reducing harmful contaminants and improving taste. After filling, just disconnect and store in your refrigerator for crisp, fresh water anytime.

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The result is a filtering system capable of dramatically reducing the amount of Chlorine (Cl) and toxic heavy metals, such as lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), & mercury (Hg), from drinking water, in addition to capturing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful contaminants.  Each cartridge will produce up to 50 gallons of fresh, filtered water and is easily stored in your refrigerator.

“My family loves weekend trips in our RV, now we want to share our great-tasting, freshwater with others on the road,” said Keith Bernard, President of Clear2O.

The advanced CWF500 series filter has been independently tested on over 200 contaminants to meet & exceed water quality industry standards for reduction of Chlorine, Heavy Metals, VOCs, & other contaminants.  The Clear2O ADVANCED filter system surpasses water quality industry test standards for removal of Herbicides, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Wastes, and PFOA’s (Perfluoroctanoic Acids).

The Clear2O ADVANCED water filter pitcher utilizes a TrueLife™ filter life indicator and its slim design makes it easy to fit in the refrigerator door.  Single Pack and Three Pack replacement filters are easily found online via our website, Amazon, and other leading online retailers.

Since 2008, Applica Water Products LLC has delivered improved water filtration technologies for the home, through its Clear2O and Clear2GO brands.  Our mission is to provide clean, fresh tasting water to our customers to enjoy for many years to come.

For further information about the Clear2O line of products, visit, and contact us at: or call Keith Bernard at 954-228-0565.

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