More Than 2,500 Parents Responded To Tony Dungy’s All Pro Dad, Florida DCF, And FCC Saying They Would Be Willing To Foster Or Adopt

July 18, 2017 – More than 2,500 foster and adoption leads have been created in Floridathrough a campaign created by All Pro Dad, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), and the Florida Coalition for Children (FCC).

In November 2016, Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dungy and Florida Department of Children and Families Secretary (DCF) Mike Carroll announced a partnership between their organizations to raise awareness for adoption and foster family recruitment across the state.

The partnership between Tony Dungy’s All Pro Dad fatherhood organization and DCF shares the mission of connecting all children with strong family environments.

“It’s important that all children find safe and loving homes where they can experience the joy of family,” said Tony Dungy, All Pro Dad spokesperson. “My wife and I know what it is like to welcome children into your home. It’s been our privilege to do so, but it does not come without sacrifice. We know that and we are incredibly thankful to see so many Florida families respond to this need. They are the real heroes of society today.”

The statewide campaign has successfully created awareness about the need for adoption families through television and radio PSAs, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, op-ed content by Tony Dungy and Secretary Carroll, Father & Kids Experience events in Florida, and All Pro Dad’s Day chapters in schools across Florida.

“Throughout Florida, there are many wonderful kids in need of foster care and adoptive parents,” said Florida DCF Secretary Mike Carroll. “It is through partnerships such as those we have with All Pro Dad that we are able to find and recruit these families to give back in such a selfless way.”

In addition, All Pro Dad and DCF are continuing to work closely with the Florida Coalition for Children (FCC) to coordinate efforts with 20 community-based care lead agencies across the state of Florida.

“The Florida Coalition of Children works every day in representation of more than 70 agencies to engage community partners and generate awareness about foster and adoption,” said Kurt Kelly, CEO of the Florida Coalition for Children. “We are thrilled to see our partnership with All Pro Dad and DCF thrive for Florida families. It is one reason why Floridacontinues to have high rates of children adopted from foster care.”

Parents interested in learning more about foster care or adoption can download “The 4 Joys of Foster Parenting” and “Overcoming the 6 Fears of Foster Parenting” at Anyone interested in learning about how to take next steps toward being a hero in a child’s life can call 1-844-4FL-KIDS  (1-844-435-5437).

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