Access Fixtures Launches New Low-Cost, Exterior Round Wall Lights

July 18, 2017 – Access Fixtures releases new low-cost LED round wall lights built for efficiency, quality assurance, and reliable performance. The exterior-grade CIRC family offers a range of IP65 and IP67 fixtures that are ideal for recreational facilities, natatoriums, locker rooms, walkways, and more. The CIRC round wall lights can also be used as canopy lights and in many small or large commercial, industrial, or hospitality applications.

1 (2).jpg

Customize your fixtures with a wide range options including wattages of 20w-70w; voltages from 120-277v to 347-470v; and optional add-ons such as lens types, surge protectors, battery backups, sensors, photocells, and custom RAL coloring. These fixtures can deliver up to 8,862 lumens. These fixtures offer impressive L70-rated lives ranging from 50,000 hours up to an extreme life of 187,000 hours.

There are two styles of CIRC LED wall packs to choose from: open faced and latticed. The open-faced lens ensures that the fixtures lose as few lumens as possible. A lattice grid adds a stylized, industrial and nautical style to the fixture while helping prevent breakage and vandalism.

1 (3).jpg

“These versatile units can be mounted on ceilings or walls, which means you can establish a consistent aesthetic across all areas of your natatorium or other facility,” says Alex Guarco, of Access Fixtures.

Depending on the fixture, the available Kelvin temperatures range from 4000K to 5000K, both of which increase light output so you can achieve high light levels with less electricity. CRIs range from 80-85 so objects and colors in the light appear accurate, vibrant, and bright. They are constructed from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or die-cast aluminum housings, which provide resistance against weather, impact, and corrosion.

Explore the CIRC product family from Access Fixtures to revitalize your lighting with easy-to-install LED wall packs that mount directly onto a surface in any environment. To find out if these are suitable for your project, speak to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist team today at 800-468-9925.

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