Local Chiropractic Practice is Brevard’s Backbone to Quality Care

From a small Wisconsin town back dropped in farm landscapes and bow hunting, Dr. Timothy Bortz seized an opportunity back in 2008 to start a chiropractic practice here in Brevard that’s been flourishing ever since. Bortz initially took an interest in the practice as a teenager, when he witnessed his father receive chiropractic care that treated the cause of his pain, not just the symptoms. He said, “I knew instantly that I wanted to be a chiropractic physician.” By integrating this “whole person approach” into his own work, Dr. Bortz is able to find exactly what is responsible for patient discomfort, versus traditional health care approaches that simply aim to alleviate pain after injury.


From sports or work injuries to car accidents, or even problems that arise from everyday activities, The Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center can assist in patient rehabilitation every step of the way. After an accident, pain and swelling starts immediately, but it can take weeks or months for the full effects of the injury to peak. Intense headaches and neck pain can predictably follow without proper treatment. Dr. Bortz says he wishes more people and patients would understand that wellness and preventative care is the key to a healthier, more efficient life; versus patients who only seek health care after their condition worsens. Their facility includes an onsite x-ray, a full rehabilitation department, and treatment options for herniated discs and other spinal conditions. Often said to require surgery, they offer an FDA-approved non-surgical alternative.   


Also run by Dr. Bortz, is the NeuroMedical Wellness Center. Dr. Bortz watched his wife suffer with neurotherapy due to a hereditary and progressive neuromuscular disease known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder (CMT). He wanted to help her and her family members that suffered from CMT aside from typical prescription drugs like Lyrica or Neurontin. Neurotherapy patients can experience neuropathic pain from a number of preexisting conditions like infections, cancer, diabetes, immune systems disorders, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Dr. Bortz says the most rewarding part of the process is watching patients regain mobility after treatment, as most of them initially relied on walkers, canes, or wheelchairs to get them through the day.


Again, early/preventative treatment is vital to save time and patient discomfort that accompany neurotherapy. Too often, patients are prescribed multiple medications to treat symptoms, but express discontent with their treatment. Medication simply does not fix problems, it only serves as a short-term pain solution. Finding the root of the problem is key to sustaining a healthy, happy life.

The Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center offers extensive treatment options for every type of injury. From wellness checkups, to post accident care or spinal exams, Dr. Bortz and his staff are more than qualified to assist every patient’s individual needs. The Brevard Chiropractic & Injury Center even provides school and sports physicals for local athletes, on top of many therapeutic massage selections, corrective exercises, physiotherapy, and spinal & postural screenings. Their team does is all, at 3260 Murrell Road Suite 101 in Rockledge, (321)-631-1100. The NeuroMedical Wellness Center is located in the same building, in Suite 101-B. To address your neuropathy concerns, you can reach Dr. Bortz and his staff by calling (321)-222-9370.

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