Smoke Shop Spices Up Cocoa Beach

Right off of SR 520, minutes away from the ocean, drivers can’t miss the iconic crimson building and flame logo that so boldly represent Blaze Smoke Shop. Immediately welcomed by their personable staff, customers can browse an abundant selection of products in a completely relaxed atmosphere. “We came to Cocoa Beach to bring Cocoa Beach to life,” said owner Adam, and lively would be the perfect way to describe his unique business.


Inventory of the smoke shop includes-but is certainly not limited to-extensive glassware, cleaning solutions for glassware, hookahs, gas masks, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, vape juices, dry herb pens, torches, dab rigs, detox waters and dissolvable packets, rolling papers, cigars, and a wide assortment of stash cans to discretely hide all valuable goods. Their knick knack wall offers ashtrays, tapestries, candles, figurines, tee shirts, backpacks, stickers, coffee mugs, and just about any other novelty item imaginable. Additionally, customers can enjoy their outdoor hookah lounge upon request, or grab a free refreshment from their fridge.  


Compared to competitors, Blaze’s glassware is completely authentic, purchased straight from distributors, versus other shops that sell cheaply manufactured glass from China. From water pipes, to bubblers, one hitters or classic hand pipes, all of their glass is ensured to be of the highest possible quality. The store frequently runs fun promotions, like the sale of Mystery Bags, which are purchased for a set price and filled with surprise merchandise, sometimes worth considerably more than the price of the bag itself. They’ve also given away free bubblers to anyone who came in with a smile on the day of the promotion. Customers love the spontaneity, and of course what they get to take home.

Open seven days a week from 9 a.m to 9 p.m, come down to Brevard County’s largest premium smoke shop. Whether you’re in our area on vacation or a beachside local, their highly knowledgeable and friendly staff can help with anything, including their store manager; a very talkative Macaw. Located at 300 West Cocoa Beach Causeway, stop in or reach them by phone at (321) 784-1958.

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