From Prehistoric Fossils to Ancient Artifacts, The Dinosaur Store Offers An One-of-a-Kind Experience The Entire Family Will Love

Looking for a place you can buy a real dinosaur egg? Or a fun place for you kids or grand kids to enjoy some hands-on activities? Need a birthday party place that is unique? Then, check out The Dinosaur Store and Adventure Zone on the corner of A1A and Hwy. 520. It’s the huge three-story building that looks prehistoric.

Steve and Donna Cayer are the proud of owners of this store that has been open since 1995. They started out across Hwy. 520 leasing the end unit of the strip plaza but moved across the highway to have a bigger and better store. They have been going on digs in many different countries collecting artifacts they loved. Their friends and neighbors would come to their house where they kept them on display to see these wonders from around the world. They decided to open a store, Steve says, “Just out of their passion to share their love with others.”

You can feel their passion and love of fossils and dinosaurs the minute you walk through the doors. When you enter the store, you will be greeted by large dinosaur heads and unique items from around the world from gorgeous brown root bowls and animal carvings to gems, salt lamps, and t-shirts. If you’re looking for anything dinosaur—you’ll find it here.

At the back of the store is the Adventure Zone for kids and adults who are children at heart. There’s a fee to enjoy for the day. Here there are many hands-on activities that invite play, exploration, and fun. Attached to the Adventure Zone and part of the zone is the Reptile Room. Trained professionals hold snakes and lizards for the children to pet and learn more about. In addition, a large floor to ceiling window overlooks a gopher tortoise, large lizard, crocodile, and two American alligators.

If you’re looking for a unique birthday party experience for you child—this is most definitely the place. There’s a party room where the walls are painted in an Ancient Egyptian motif with a large “dig” area. Kids can dig for fossils and they get to keep what they find! What could be a better party favor than that? It’s a private room with a dedicated kitchen, bathroom, tables, and chairs for food and cutting the cake, plus a large “dig” area.

If you’re interested in booking the birthday party of your child’s dreams, call Donna Cayer at (321) 783-7300.

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