Dollar General’s Grand Opening on South Merritt Island

The new Dollar General located on S. Courtney is holding its Grand Opening on July 8th. The new Dollar General brings a whopping 5,500 s.q. ft. of retail shopping to south Merritt Island in a standalone store.


Dollar General started in 1939 in Tennessee. A salesman, James Luther (J.L.) Turner, had been buying and liquidating bankrupt general stores. Turner and his son decided to buy their own General Store that sold items for just $1. There are more than 13,000 stores throughout the United States with plans to open at least 2,000 more in 2017. “DG” is their own store brand is sold as an even less expensive product than other products they carry. Regarding Pharmaceuticals, Dollar General is the exclusive retailer for “Rexall” brand medications and health supplements. An exciting new change for Dollar General was the foray into selling groceries in 2013.


A generous organization at heart, Dollar General sponsors grants to improve literacy. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation reaches all ages from pre-K to adults. Schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations that assist people in achieving literacy can apply for grant funding to help with books, materials, software, etc.

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