Budget Boosters for STEM Funding – 4 Programs to Stretch Your Resources

June 28, 2017 – Spectrecology LLC has announced a 4 pronged program to help Universities boost their STEM education and research dollars. The program is designed to help educators provide their students with the latest fiber optic spectroscopy and photonics equipment despite current funding challenges.  The key elements of the program are:

  • Innovations in Spectroscopy Grants – Discounts & Cost sharing starting at 10% of equipment purchases used for the classroom or research.
  • Specially Priced STEM Education Kits – lower cost specially packaged systems for the classroom
  • Instrument Rentals – weekly and monthly, systems for absorbance, reflection, fluorescence and radiometry in the ultra-violet (UV) through the near infrared (NIR).
  • Trade-ins – Allowances and discounts for older spectrophotometers. These are donated for use in clinical labs in developing countries.

Innovations in Spectroscopy Grants provide researchers and educators cost sharing support for proposals to external agencies. Any proposed effort for STEM related education or research will be considered.  A short application form is provided online. Typical support is about 10%-15% of the equipment cost. The grants are also available for proposals for internal University funding.

Specially priced STEM Educational Kits include our SPARK kit for $999 and our STS kit for $1499, based on innovative sub-miniature spectral sensors.  Each contains all the items necessary for students to measure absorbance, emission, color, fluorescence, and curricula and experiments to help make the experience meaningful.

Rental Systems – Spectrecology has assembled an inventory of spectrometers and spectrophotometers for rent by the week or month.  Renting is an ideal way to for educators to provide students with access to high priced high performance systems which are often only needed for a few weeks each semester.

Spectrecology also offers a Trade-in Allowance of up to $500 for older no-longer-used equipment such as Spectronic 20’s and other manual, analog spectrophotometers. We can donate these trade-ins to World-Wide Labs for use in developing country clinical chemistry labs.

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