Tree Lending Club and Announce Free Debt Consolidation Comparison Program for Climate Crusaders

June 21, 2017 – Top 10 Jungle, the once-secretive U.S.-based global provider of news, slick entertainment and insightful product reviews, has announced the formation of the Tree Lending Club to cater to the “climate crusader.”

The program is designed to bring awareness to the value of forests through art, information and technology. Tree Lending Club is a community of people standing together to protect the world’s most spectacular forest landscapes and the communities and wildlife that call them home.


“We are climate crusaders. We care about the environment and we want to work with others that share our values,” said Benny Alvarez, spokesman for and Tree Lending Club. “We have developed the Tree Lending Club to bring attention to the urgency of protecting the world’s forests and solving the climate change crisis. We choose to work with those that care about our planet. You can use Tree Lending Group’s free comparison tools to find the best debt consolidation loan.”

Top 10 Jungle believes the urgency of protecting the world’s forests cannot be stressed enough. We will not solve the climate change crisis unless we take immediate action to protect them. We simply cannot do it without them. Forests are magnificent places; for some, they are home, for others they are where we play, and for many they are a source of solace and inspiration.

Top 10 Jungle is the slickest online community of 2017. It is home of the Sexy Sidebar, the latest internet phenomenon. And it promises never to bore you. It is also an outspoken critic of the United States government’s decision to withdraw from the U.S. Paris Climate Agreement.

Its website is filled with juicy content and crazy quizzes. Once visitors are done having fun, they are invited to the Product Awards section of the website, where they can compare the best deals on the web free of charge!

For those with wives putting them in the poor house with all her shopping, try the site’s comparisons of debt consolidation or personal loans. Looking for a great deal on pet insurance for your cool cat or dapper dog, check out Top 10 Jungle’s Pet Insurance Playground. Afraid of North Korean computer hackers and want to hide your IP address for protection? Check out reviews for antivirus and VPN software. Ready to launch your own website and make some real money for a change? Take a look at Top 10 Jungle’s Web Hosting Comparison Chart.

There is something for everyone at Top 10 Jungle.

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