USTA Player Development Partners with NormaTec for Cutting Edge Recovery Technology

June 15, 2017 – The United States Tennis Association Player Development program has partnered with NormaTec to bring NormaTec’s high tech recovery capabilities to the organization’s USTA National Campus at Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida.

The new facility, which is being called the Home of American Tennis, houses USTA Player Development and is the epicenter for training the next generation of top American tennis professionals. With 100 courts on 64 acres, it serves as a model tennis facility showcasing innovation and technology. Rehabilitation and recovery are an essential piece of the development regimen.

“I am so pleased to have NormaTec as one of our choices for athletes’ recovery here at the USTA National Campus,” said Satoshi Ochi, USTA Player Development’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. “Recovery is a big part of our athletes’ everyday training.  Convenience and functionality of the equipment are very important for us and NormaTec has both.”

“NormaTec is the leader in athletes’ recovery from training and competition,” said Ed Ryan, Director of Athletic Medicine, The Andrews Institute / USTA National Campus. “We are grateful to have their technology benefitting the players at the USTA National Campus and available for their competitions around the world.”

As the industry leader in rapid recovery for athletes, NormaTec’s technology will play an essential role in the rehab and recovery of players training at the facility. Twenty NormaTec PULSE PRO Systems are available for use, many of which are featured in two USTA Recovery Rooms Powered by NormaTec while the rest are made available to athletes traveling for competitions. The NormaTec Recovery Systems rejuvenate muscle tissue, increase circulation, help athletes rehab from pain and soreness, and ultimately speed up the recovery process.

“The USTA Player Development program is one of the most comprehensive and competitive tennis programs in the world,” said Gilad Jacobs, CEO for NormaTec. “We are honored to partner with them to bring NormaTec’s powerful recovery benefits to the athletes as they train and inspire the next generation of top tier tennis players.”

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