Umi Shave Club Launches With Affordable Line of High-Quality Razors and All-Natural Skincare Products Engineered for Women

June 14, 2017 – A superior shaving experience is what Umi Shave Club ( aims to deliver to women everywhere. The new company offers a complete line of skin-friendly shaving products, including moisturizer, shaving cream and precision razors. No-hassle, transparent subscription pricing makes Umi Shave Club the best value on the market today for women who want a great, close shave.

“We feel the women’s online shaving category is badly underserved,” says Matt Green, owner of NutroGenix LLC. “A few clubs already exist, but they’re confusing and expensive. Umi Shave Club plans to deliver a better overall experience at more reasonable prices.”

Green is no stranger to the online shaving products market — he’s also the founder of the well-known BladeButter brand. In developing Umi Shave Club, he sought the insight and expertise of his wife. Together, they have created a brand with a message and philosophy that appeals strongly to women. Moreover, the products meet or exceed the performance of the most expensive brands found on retail shelves or elsewhere online.

1 (6).jpg

Umi Shave Club is launching with four unique products: SweetSix Razors, Fab Four Razors, ShaveJelly and SkinBliss. The Umi SweetSix Razor is designed with an oversized head and handle, along with a 6-blade pivoting head. The Fab Four offers the same precision design with a 4-blade head. Umi ShaveJelly is a great alternative to typical creams and gels in that it provides a closer, cleaner shave without irritation. Umi SkinBliss repairs skin following shaving and can be used as a full-body moisturizer. Both ShaveJelly and SkinBliss are available in 4-oz bottles.

Umi Shave Club’s products work together to create a much better shaving experience than comparable store-bought products, while also improving the health and appearance of skin. The company does this by avoiding the kind of harsh and artificial ingredients found in so many other shaving products. All Umi Shave Club skincare product ingredients are 88 percent certified organic.

Ordinary skincare products, especially in the shaving category, are full of chemicals that people wouldn’t want on their skin. For example, propylene glycol is found in most shaving creams and gels, yet it’s also common in antifreeze and brake fluid. Another chemical known simply as “TEA” is frowned upon because it’s a confirmed skin irritant. Some researchers have discovered that impurities in the raw ingredients of these products are sometimes carcinogenic. Finally, artificial fragrances and colors are often unpleasant and harsh, particularly for anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities.

First-time Umi Shave Club subscribers receive an “Everything Bundle” as their introduction: one SweetSix Razor, one Fab Four Razor, and one bottle each of ShaveJelly and SkinBliss. This first bundle costs only $10, less than one might pay for a single “fancy” razor from another brand. Each month thereafter, a new Everything Bundle arrives; the monthly subscription cost is $16.50 plus shipping and handling.

To build loyalty around this new brand, Green offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a strong commitment to customer service. Subscribers are free to pause or cancel their plan at any time, and subscriptions are fully customizable. Email reminders ensure that subscription renewal never comes as a surprise. What is surprising are the free bonus gifts and product samples that will occasionally arrive with the month’s subscription package.

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