Deja Vu All Over Again: Liberty Building Forensics Group Doesn’t Need a Crystal Ball to See a Future of Recurring Moisture and Mold Problems in Modular Construction

June 9, 2017 – The emergence of #modular #construction as an option for new construction is becoming mainstream. There have been many who have reported on the benefits that are inherent in modular construction, but what has not been reported on are the mold and moisture failures that have been associated with the modular construction industry. This is especially true when these kinds of buildings are used in a warm and humid climate like the Southeastern US. Both wood frame and steel frame modular construction have experienced problems with crawl space, marriage wall cavity, and ceiling to floor cavity condensation problems that have resulted in the deterioration of the wood, the corrosion of metal floor pans, and the deterioration wallboard and mold growth to name a few.

Going back as far as 25 years, Liberty Building Forensics Group (LBFG) has found that the greatest risks associated with modular construction failures has been in facilities that are domicidal or multi-family in nature where this type of construction and delivery is used for hotels, student housing, senior living, and military housing. This is because these types of facilities have inherent similarities within the individual modular living unit that requires a combination of an individual cooling/heating unit, bathroom exhaust, and some sort of central HVAC make up air system. In addition, there are many more modular “boxes” in the domicidal type modular buildings increasing the number of marriage wall interior cavities and ceiling to floor cavities that otherwise might not be required in other types of modular construction.

LBFG has provided mold and moisture diagnosis and solutions for buildings to owners, contractors and developers worldwide and has project experience in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Europe.

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