Poynter, Koch Foundation Create Program for College Journalists

June 8, 2017 – The Poynter Institute, a global leader in journalism, and the Charles Koch Foundation are creating a program to provide training to student journalists and to encourage campus media to support and promote civil discourse around controversial topics.

Poynter is partnering with the Associated Collegiate Press to identify three student media organizations to participate in the pilot of this initiative. The program, called the Poynter College Media Project, combines in-person training, online teaching and a campus project with two goals: improving student journalism and modeling dialogue through coverage and real-life events.

For more information and to apply, go to

“Poynter believes in the power of free speech and civil discourse. And we believe journalism is a champion for both,” said Poynter Vice President Kelly McBride. “The collegiate press is the perfect place to advocate for a vibrant marketplace of ideas, where all can be heard.”

“This program is an exciting opportunity for student editors to improve their journalism skills, create opportunities for dialogue, and understand how a free press is important for social progress,” said Sarah Ruger, director of free expression initiatives at the Charles Koch Foundation and Institute. “We look forward to working with a Poynter, an organization that has a unique ability to deliver world-class teaching.”

College student media organizations selected for the program will receive:

  • Up to $3,000 to spend on a reporting project or event that advances civil discourse on campus.
  • A one-day, in-person reporting, editing and storytelling workshop for their staff.
  • Exclusive admission to six online training events throughout the academic year, during which they’ll hear from professionals, as well as from the other campuses about their projects.
  • Training on the best techniques for watchdog reporting that holds the powerful accountable and establishes campus media as a fair and trusted advocate for students.
  • Insights into the tools of dialogue that model the search for mutual understanding and tolerance through reporting projects and real-life events.

The deadline to apply is July 19.

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