Author Douglas Casimiri Releases Excerpts from Shocking Tell-all Book, UNDERCOVER UBER

June 8, 2017 – Recent headlines have warned the public about the dangers of riding, or even driving for Uber. In Florida, an Uber driver ripped a gold chain from a teenager’s neck, and in Chicago, an Uber driver was killed by a teenage girl.

In his new book, author Douglas Casimiri reveals five equally as shocking stories plus many more from his days as an Undercover Uber investigator/driver in 2015.

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Following are some excerpts from his book:

Page 17: Kidnapped
Her friends called an Uber for their friend. This lady had way too much to drink. When her friends placed her in the car she passed out. As the Uber driver started to driver her home, she woke up and started to scream uncontrollably at the driver. Who are you? Where are you taking me? The woman then grabbed the driver by the hair and snapped his head back and…

Page 47: Angry Husband
A Uber driver was helping a woman take groceries into her home, when all of a sudden her husband came out of another room and says to the Uber driver ” so you’re the one … my wife. The husband reached into a cupboard and pulled out a gun and put it to the Uber drivers head and said “this is the last woman you’re ever going to …” What happened next?

Page 93: Babysitter
A driver picks up this woman and her 2-year-old daughter. The woman told the driver she had an appointment. When they arrived at their destination, the woman gets out of the car and said to the driver will you watch my daughter. I will be a couple of minutes. 45 minutes later the woman still hadn’t returned. The driver then…

Page 25: Grey Goose Fun
An Uber driver picks up a woman, they discuss their favorite brand of vodka. She tells him, hers is grey goose, she hasn’t had any in a long time because it’s too expensive, he agrees. She then offers the best … of his life in return for a bottle of Grey Goose. Read what happens!

Page 61: Urine in the car
An Uber driver picks up an intoxicated woman, as he was driving her to her destination, the driver looks in his rear view mirror and noticed the woman pulling down her pants and started urinating in the backseat of his car. The driver says to the woman, what are you doing? The woman says to the driver, what are you doing in the women’s bathroom?

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The excerpts above, are examples of 74 different stories contained in this book, Undercover Uber, no two are alike.

Also, read about the number one reason why drivers quit Uber and why you are better off to work at Macdonald’s than driver for Uber.

Undercover Uber is available at:, The book is available in all formats and everywhere books are sold.

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