Arrow Digital Open Sources Hotcakes E-commerce Platform

June 8, 2017 – Arrow Digital, LLC is proud to announce that its world class ecommerce CMS product, Hotcakes Commerce, is being made available for the first time ever under a permissive open source software license. Hotcakes is a robust ecommerce solution that empowers you to spend more time growing your business, and less time managing your online store. Its innovative performance dashboards allow store owners to pinpoint information and make intelligent business decisions in real-time.

The decision to transition to an open source product model was based on a variety of factors that Arrow Digital believes will benefit the product as well as the broader ecosystem. The additional freedom offered by the open source license will allow the product to gain much wider adoption, which has the potential to encourage greater collaboration, foster innovation, and reveal new opportunities for the software that may not have been anticipated previously.

“I am a firm believer in the open source model,” said Shaun Walker, Practice Area Partner at Arrow Digital and original creator of DotNetNuke®, the most widely adopted open source CMS on the Microsoft platform. “I am excited to see the impact that a fully integrated open source ecommerce CMS solution can make on the digital enterprise.”

In its previous release, Hotcakes literally reinvented ecommerce dashboards, offering unparalleled insights into store and product performance that allows you to boost your revenue and sell more effectively online. Hotcakes also offers superior content management capabilities and extensibility options, which ensure it will be able to satisfy any requirements that may arise in your business in the future.

Hotcakes is being developed on Github and a certified installation package can be downloaded from For convenience, a Hotcakes Cloud option is also available to anyone who wants to get up and running quickly in an optimized environment.

Hotcakes believes that enterprise ecommerce should be easier. You are encouraged to download the product so that you can start “selling like hotcakes” today.

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