Introducing KooKooLoos: A Brand New Line Of Potty Paper Holders Sure To Make “Going Potty” A “Party” For Pre-Schoolers

June 1, 2017 – A new concept in bathroom tissue holders called KooKooLoos is announcing its debut and promises a fun new way to engage children during potty training.

This new product launch incorporates a selection of eight different adorable, silly-eyed characters sure to bring personality and a splash of color to children’s bathrooms everywhere. Best of all, they will also help conquer that intimidating milestone – potty training.


Toddlers, preschoolers and young kids can choose from their favorite KooKooLoos signature potty pals, including KooKooBot, KooKooFrog, KooKoo Guppy, KooKoo Hippo, KooKooHoot, KooKoo Pandy, KooKoo Piggy and KooKoo Uno.  All of these fun friends have a patented one- and two-roll “no-drill-required” design, allowing for easy installation and damage free removal on any surface in your home.

According to co-creators Kathleen and Scott Peiffer, the idea for KooKooLoos came from having two small children of their own.

“We felt a real need for a product that could help make those tricky potty training moments a little less stressful and a little more playful,” said stay-at home mom turned entrepreneur, Kathleen Peiffer. “The goal was to create something functional and amusing to compliment current items on the market (that may become obsolete). After they outgrow the potty seat phase for example, there’s still a need to reinforce other techniques, like flushing and proper wiping, especially when they’re off to school on their own. We felt it was important to develop something that kids could grow into, even after the initial conquering of the Loo…and that’s exactly how KooKooLoos was born,” Peiffer continued.

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