How to Save your Hard Earned Money when Remodeling your Kitchen or Bathroom Using Cabinetry Products from Eclectic-ware

June 1, 2017 – Money!  That got your attention.  When it comes to renovating your kitchen or bathroom, Eclectic-ware can save you money.  You will definitely have to spend money in your remodel or new construction, there is no way around that; but how much you spend can be curbed.

We are a distributorship.  We sell to contractors, architects, designers, and yes, any and all DIY homeowners … or soon to be homeowners.  What sets us apart from the giant home improvement centers is that we offer many product lines not found in these stores.  If you are looking for custom choices for sizes, colors, and styles, visit us on-line.  If you seek high-end kitchen and bathroom products of superior quality, check us out.

1 (6).jpg

Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts: by far one of the most important aspects when giving your kitchen a face lift.  No one can say, “No two kitchens are alike,” because tons of them are alike in subdivisions, condos, and apartments.  But houses come in all shapes and sizes, and millions of them were not part of some massive construction project.  With Eclectic-ware, you can order American Made cabinet doors prefinished or unfinished, pick your designs and profiles, and have them made to the sixteenth of an inch.  Add a kitchen island, modify your pantry, set up the design the way you want.  And go beyond the kitchen to the bathrooms, laundry room, bedroom furniture, and entertainment centers.  Custom cabinet doors increase the value of every room of your home.

Under Cabinet Lighting: You want to be able to see in your kitchen and bathroom.  Focused lighting from under a cabinet, or within one, not only looks elegant, it increases functionality.  “Hera Lighting” is German Engineered furniture and display lighting.  LED and miniature fluorescent options with custom layouts are possible.  Eclectic-ware offers design assistance, tech support, and fantastic customer service with helping you with your cabinet lighting needs.  Commercial displays, office set ups, boats and motorhomes all use cabinet style lighting too.  It enhances your environment and makes you feel good about your living and work spaces.

Have you seen kitchens with those long stainless steel door handles?  There are many worldwide manufacturers that make set sizes in one bar diameter.  Eclectic-ware has American Made high quality 303 grade solid stainless steel handles produced to the sixteenth of an inch, in SIX bar diameters!  Customizing doesn’t stop there.  Special heights, special center to center sizes, and even back to back mounting options.  CUSTOM for your Custom home or office!  We offer selections of cabinet knob and drawer pulls from several other manufacturers too.

Something Eclectic-ware is very proud to offer is an incredibly large array of ceramic bathroom hardware.  AC Products is entirely Made in the USA.  And unlike the big box stores that sell “white” or possibly a second color, hang onto your seat, this will dazzle you, we have ceramic bathroom hardware available in 100 colors.  Browns, greys, off white, greens, blues, yellows!  No kidding.  You can get soap dishes, corners shelves, shower caddies, towel bars, and a whole lot more in a nice big selection of colors.  The colors correspond with some of the most popular selections from big name tile manufacturers.  Over the past many years we have encouraged customers to send us a piece of their tile, or broken towel bar, etc. so we can compare it to the best color selection for them.  Our reach is nationwide and beyond; we ship to Canada, Australia, and Europe all the time.  When creating a new bathroom, or completely changing what you have, ceramic fixtures offer many benefits.  They’re appealing, waterproof, easy to clean, and long lasting.  And when your color matches or compliments, that is a heck of a lot better than just pasting white ceramic all over your beautiful brown or grey ceramic tiles.  Of course if you have white tiles, stick with white….

Currently, it is best to view our website on a PC or tablet.  We have come to learn the importance of going mobile and will be re-writing our website in new software to make it smartphone friendly.  That is our 2017 goal.  Bear with us as our own construction dust adds up.

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