Hunters Point Resort and Marina Selects McDougal Architects of Chelsea, Mass.

May 30, 2017 – After a year-long nationwide search for an architectural design firm, Hunters Point Resort and Marina has selected McDougal Architects of Chelsea, Mass. to create the modern day “Cracker” cottage influenced by watersports and fishing lifestyle development in Cortez, Florida.

“McDougal Architects, led by Beth McDougal, is the pre-eminent architectural firm when it comes to interpreting the Cracker cottage style made modern for today,” said developer and CEO of Hunters Point Resort and Marina, Marshall Gobuty. “The benefit of having Beth lead the Hunters Point project is deeply rooted in her work at University of Florida, and her studies surrounding the Florida Cracker architecture style homes.”

1 (4).jpg

Beth McDougal, the owner of McDougal Architects, received her Master of Architecture from the University of Florida. After the University of Florida, she went into practice heavily influenced by her studies surrounding the ‘Florida Cracker style homes.’ This design style serves as the inspiration for the Hunters Point project that includes the well appointed, environment-friendly, modern day Cracker cottages and public spaces that make up the new resort development.

Hunters Point Resort and Marina will feature 148 cottages, 49 boat slips, a public marina and community center, all designed to provide a modern, environmentally respectful and energy efficient fishing village style community to the historic town of Cortez, Florida. Of the 148 “Cracker” cottages, 62 are designated as hotel rooms for short term rentals.

“This is a homecoming of sorts for me,” said Beth McDougal. “I’ve been influenced and fascinated by the Cracker style since discovering them in grad school. The lines of the homes, their openness, intelligent use of space and the way they rest so naturally on the Florida landscape captures the true essence of coastal living. That make their classic and timeless design perfect for a modern day interpretation.”

The innovative “Comfortably Sized™ ” coastal cottages of Hunters Point, hotel buildings, and community buildings will all be designed, developed and constructed to receive EnergyStar® certification and qualify to become LEED certified. In keeping with being environmentally conscious and energy conservative, Hunters Point will also use innovative green design techniques to conserve water, save energy and preserve the environment.

Cottages and the community center will feature EPA WaterSense®faucets, toilets, showers and irrigation controllers, to reduce water consumption. By providing energy-efficient appliances, applying high-performance building techniques and thermally insulated construction, Hunters Point residents will see substantially reduced utility costs. Solar power charging of golf carts is also planned, with the property currently exploring rooftop solar photovoltaic energy for the cottages.

The modern day cottages will also feature low-VOC paints, finishes, and floorings to improve indoor air quality. The HVAC systems will feature advanced technology that further conserves energy while improving comfort and air quality inside the home by utilizing highly efficient air filtration to reduce dust and pollen.

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