Allstate and Allstate Agencies Seek to Bring 346 Jobs to Florida

May 30, 2017 – Allstate Insurance Company today announced a boost to its sales force in Florida to keep pace with growing consumer demand for insurance and financial products and services in the state.

“We are seeing increased consumer demand for auto and home insurance as well as financial advice and planning,” says Allstate’s Jim Uschelbec, Regional Sales Leader. “We are seeking qualified professionals and offering comprehensive training and resources to support the success for each of them.”

Of the 346 sales professionals Allstate is looking for in Florida, 64 will be agency owners and 26 will be exclusive financial specialists, with the remaining 256 hired by those small business owners as sales professionals. For the agency owner and financial specialist opportunities, Allstate is seeking people with a strong entrepreneurial drive and passion to help others in their community thrive. These candidates embrace risks and challenges and are able to invest in a small business to ensure its stability and growth.

The addition of the new agency locations will have a compounding effect on each city’s job market, as each new agency opens with several employees to ensure customers are well-served with courtesy and efficiency.

To recruit more agency owners, Allstate is offering a $5,000 award to any member of the general public who refers an eligible candidate to Allstate. The referral award is payable after the candidate has completed 90 days of Allstate agency ownership.

“Allstate is a trusted brand and an excellent wealth-building opportunity for a small business owner. We are unique among all other insurers because the agent owns the economic interest in their business,” says Uschelbec. “Allstate agents can sell the economic interest in their agency or pass the business they build on to a family member.”

Candidates interested in becoming an Allstate agency owner will need capital to invest in their agency to help ensure they can successfully fund the normal day-to-day costs associated with opening and running a small business. Sales professionals need no liquid capital to apply for jobs within an agency.

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