Seminar for New Teachers Looks to Help Reduce Alarming Number of Teachers Leaving the Profession

May 25, 2017 – According to a recent report from the Learning Policy Institute, 19%-30% of new teachers leave the profession during the first five years of teaching—costing school administrators student achievement levels and valuable budget dollars. The upcoming SDE two-day seminar, New Teacher Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know to Survive & Thrive, will shorten the learning curve for new teachers by sharing tips veteran educators wished they had known when they first entered the classroom. The seminar will be offered in Memphis, TN, on July 17–18, 2017, and in Jacksonville, FL, on July 20–21, 2017.

High teacher turnover rates have been found to negatively affect the achievement of all students in a school, not just students in a new teacher’s classroom. Teachers who participate in various induction experiences, including beginning teaching seminars, are more capable of keeping students on task, developing workable lesson plans, using effective questioning practices, adjusting classroom activities as needed, maintaining a positive classroom atmosphere, and demonstrating successful classroom management. (“A Coming Crisis in Teaching” by

“Teaching will always be challenging, but the first year is especially so. Attendees will learn how to effectively manage a classroom, deliver quality instruction, address standards, and develop strategies to encourage their own professional growth,” SDE Programming Director Laureen Reynolds says.

Classroom management, disruptive students, the standards, fitting it all in, dealing with parents—attendees of the seminar will learn what they need to succeed, but what they didn’t learn in college. Examples from real classrooms will help to demonstrate how to build a positive learning environment, engage students, interact with parents and administrators, and utilize assessment and adjust instruction to continually meet student needs.

Renowned educator and author Dr. Lori Elliott will offer teacher-to-teacher straight talk about how to get off to a great start and get the job done, drawn from her more than 25 years of experience in education.  Dr. Elliott will provide strategies and insight into a diverse set of teacher challenges, such as how to handle the one student who occupies all of a teacher’s attention or setting up guided reading groups.

“Administrator support is big factor in a teacher’s decision to stay or leave the profession. New teachers aren’t truly aware of the challenges that await them, and they need their leadership team to identify professional development like this seminar to help set them up to thrive,” Reynolds adds.

New Teacher Boot Camp: Everything You Need to Know to Survive & Thrive will be offered in Memphis, TN, on July 17–18, 2017, and in Jacksonville, FL, on July 20–21, 2017. To register for this seminar or learn about SDE’s national conferences, upcoming PD events, or other professional development opportunities, visit, call 1-800-462-1478, or email

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