Wynntech Apps Launches MyQuikVid for Seamless, Easy Sharing of Videos to Multiple Social Media Accounts

May 17, 2017 – The world of social video is about to get even wider, thanks to MyQuikVid ( The video uploading and sharing app lets users become their own journalists, pushing interesting, funny, newsworthy or inspiring content directly to all their social media accounts. Developed by startup Wynntech Apps, MyQuikVid is available today on

“MyQuikVid is a simple way for anyone to capture, edit, produce and share beautiful videos with their family, friends or the entire world — no matter what social media platform they each use,” says Darrin Wynn, founder of Wynntech Apps. “The app connects to the most popular social media and video platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, eliminating the hassle of opening each one independently and navigating through their uploading and sharing screens. MyQuikVid also provides all the editing and production tools one would expect from a video sharing app. Our plan is to continue making the app better and better as we receive feedback from early adopters of MyQuikVid.”

1 (2).jpg

Social video has been on an exponential growth curve in recent years, thanks to faster broadband and more sophisticated devices that capture HD video with ease. According to Brandwatch, Facebook’s 500 million users collectively accounted for 8 billion daily video views in 2016. Upstart Snapchat, meanwhile, boasted 6 billion video views each day across its entire user community. The average U.S. adult spent over an hour each day watching videos on their devices last year. Finally, 78% of people watched online videos every week, and more than half watched every day. All signs point to those numbers going even higher in 2017.

“Clearly, the demand for new video content continues to grow,” add Wynn, “and MyQuikVid is ready to meet that demand. On the supply side of the equation, the creativity of the public is practically limitless. Every day, people encounter things worth recording and sharing — whether on an exotic vacation, at the ball game, or just around the house. This is the incredible power of social video.”

MyQuikVid is a powerful tool for a powerful medium. The app lets users record a new video directly from the app or choose an existing video from the phone’s gallery. Next, users have the option to trim the video, add a watermark or add text. After giving their edited video a title and brief description, users can share their finished production to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram with just a single tap. MyQuikVid’s YouTube channel features a brief demonstration of these core features.

The team at Wynntech Apps is continuing to enhance MyQuikVid with new tools and features, all as part of keeping pace with the dynamic, evolving world of social video. Special editing effects like slow motion are currently in the works. In addition, an iOS version of MyQuikVid will launch soon. Fans of the app can stay in the loop regarding new versions and features by joining the Wynntech Apps mailing list.

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