Aliv Mobile Phone Retail Chain Chooses Scentpression to Scent its Stores

May 17, 2017 – Aliv, a chain of five retail mobile phone locations in Nassau, Bahamas, has chosen Scentpression to provide ambient scenting for its stores. In keeping with its young, optimistic and lively branding, Aliv stores will be infused with the smell of delicious citrus and energizing juniper with a rich cedar wood base.

Research shows that scent marketing can provide a host of benefits to businesses with physical locations like retail stores, hotels, casinos and spas, such as improved customer mood, increased sales revenue, more frequent repeat visits and a more memorable brand.

1 (3).jpg

Aliv selected Southern Spring fragrance for their stores, a blend of delicious citrus and energizing juniper with cedar wood base. The fragrance goes with their young and upbeat branding.

According to the store managers, customers comment on how great the stores smell, and the employees enjoy it as well.

Scentpression uses state-of-the-art commercial scenting equipment and fragrance oils crafted by top national and international perfumists for an unparalleled scenting experience. In a typical installation, the scent diffusion equipment is attached to the business’ HVAC system for seamless and even scent distribution.

“Many companies that have been successfully using scent marketing for years are in the luxury sector, including Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, Giorgio Armani, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Resorts, Sofitel and Le Meridien. These companies know that every aspect of their environment impacts whether customers feel welcome, engaged and appreciated and this is especially the case when it comes to the way a space smells,” said Scentpression President, Damalus Curry.

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