MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena Takes Advantage of RAD Technology’s Patented TRV (Temporary Radiotherapy Vault)

May 16, 2017 – RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) and MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena broke ground the end of March. RAD is providing MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena with their patented TRV (Temporary Radiotherapy Vault). Thanks to RAD Technology Medical Systems and their innovative Temporary Radiotherapy Vault, doctors and patients will experience no interruptions to their treatment schedules while the cancer center upgrades their existing linear accelerator.

MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena, located in Northern Michigan, is part of the MidMichigan Health family, a non-profit health system, headquartered in Midland, Mich, that is affiliated with Michigan Medicine, the health care division of the University of Michigan. MidMichigan Health covers a 22-county region with medical centers in Midland, Alpena, Alma, Clare, Gladwin and now Mt. Pleasant. With only a single vault and radiotherapy machine, the Medical Center in Alpena was left with a tough decision. Do they shut down while they install a new linear accelerator and send their patients to a facility over two hours away, or do they continue to operate with older equipment? With RAD Technology’s TRV, there is a new choice. Clinicians can use the temporary vault and equipment to continue treating patients while a new linac is installed in the existing facility. It is an option that saves time and money, without sacrificing patient care.

RAD Technology Medical Systems

“We first learned about RAD Technology Medical Systems over four years ago. We referred them to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor where they placed a PRO System. We were very impressed with the project and have been looking forward to the time when we’d be able to take advantage of their patented technology,” said Douglas Kreis, director of diagnostic imaging and oncology services at MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena. “We are excited to finally break ground and are pleased to have a way to continue treating patients while we upgrade to our new Varian TrueBeam.”

The TRV is being installed on their site not far from their existing vault and comes equipped with a pre-commissioned Varian linear accelerator. The facility also includes a reception area, waiting room, office space and restroom. The TRV is a complete solution that RAD will install onsite in just days.

“The TRV offers all the comforts of a permanent facility and has revolutionized the way hospital administrators think about upgrade timelines,” said John Lefkus, RAD Technology President. “This project is another step toward RAD creating a new normal. The TRV is so easily relocated that this building is now at its fifth location. We are proud to have a solution that allows facilities to easily upgrade their equipment without displacing patients and stopping treatment,” added Lefkus.

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