Increased Educational Support with ADU’s New Imaging Department

May 16, 2017 – As of May 1st, 2017, Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) has completed a restructure of their previously separate imaging programs into one department – the Department of Imaging Sciences. The change is meant to increase efficiency in teaching and learning between the departments as well as support graduate sonography education on campus.

The new department combines ADU’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiography programs and certificates. In total, the department oversees 72 clinical education sites between Orlando and Denver.

ADU Genese Gibson

rofessor Genese Gibson, formerly the Chair of Radiologic Sciences, has been appointed as the new department’s Chair. This September will be Professor Gibson’s 30th year with Florida Hospital and Adventist Health System, and she has been with ADU since its inception in 1992. She helped pioneer online learning on the campus, playing an important role in launching the University’s first online course. When ADU opened its satellite campus in Denver, Dr. David Greenlaw, ADU’s President, chose her program to lead out the expansion.

A few other faculty members have stepped into new roles as part of this new transition. Professor Charlotte Henningsen, formerly the Department Chair of Sonography, now holds dual roles as Associate Vice President for Faculty Development in Teaching & Learning and Director of the Center for Advanced Ultrasound Education. Professor Deziree Rada is the new Program Director of Sonography and Professor Kelly Mumbert has been appointed as Online Coordinator for the Sonography Department.

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