VIPRE Extends Special Offer to Kaspersky Lab Customers Concerned About Their Data Security

May 12, 2017 – VIPRE today announced an exclusive program for businesses and consumers concerned about the security of their data currently being protected by another antivirus/antimalware solution. Under a new buyback program offered through June 30, current Kaspersky Lab customers will receive a free six-month subscription when purchasing a two-year license for any VIPRE security solution.

Kaspersky Lab, headquartered in Russia, has come under scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), leery that Russia could exploit Kaspersky solutions to access U.S. user information. On May 11, several major U.S. intelligence officials unanimously said during a Senate Intelligence Committee meeting that they would not use Kaspersky security products on their own computers.

“Citizens of both the United States and Canada have the right to expect that their endpoint security company will keep their information out of the hands of foreign powers. We’ve already heard from many businesses and consumers concerned about the privacy of their data,” said Usman Choudhary, chief product officer at VIPRE. “Your data should be your data. To ensure and protect to this degree, VIPRE Advanced Security uses proven machine learning heuristic techniques, one of the largest threat intelligence clouds and real-time behavior monitoring to guard against today’s most sophisticated and evasive malware threats.”

Architected, designed, developed and 100 percent supported in the United States, VIPRE has a strong presence in the commercial, consumer and public sector markets. VIPRE recently received the 2016 Top-Rated Product Award from AV-Comparatives, the world’s leading independent authority on antivirus performance, for its strong results in AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection test, earning 100 percent block rates and zero false positives. Easy to license, install and use, VIPRE provides proactive advanced threat defense all users need to protect their data — at the best price. Customer data and privacy is of the utmost importance to VIPRE and all customer data is retained only in U.S.-based systems.

Additional details about the VIPRE program for current Kaspersky customers include:

  • No minimum seat requirement needed to qualify
  • Eligible for new sales of all VIPRE products
  • Includes six months free with two-year license purchase
  • Orders must be placed by June 30
  • Valid only in North America
  • Cannot be combined with any other VIPRE promotion

For more information on the new VIPRE buyback program for Kaspersky Lab customers, view a product demonstration or register for a free trial, click here.

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