Florida Realtors® Education Foundation Awards $166,000 in Scholarships

May 10, 2017 – Hearing “the check is in the mail,” is welcome news to 104 well-deserving young people who live in communities across Florida. Why? These students — high school graduates about to enter their first year of college and others already enrolled in a college or university — have received scholarships through the Florida Realtors® Education Foundation Inc.

A not-for-profit corporation established by the state Realtor association, the Florida Realtors® Education Foundation Inc. provides real estate-related educational scholarships. The Foundation’s Board of Directors awarded $166,000 in scholarships to help pay for higher education expenses for 104 young people in the 2017-2018 school year. All recipients are Florida residents and will be attending community colleges, four-year universities, graduate programs or law schools both in state and out-of-state. Some students wish to pursue careers in real estate.

“Over the past eight years, the Florida Realtors Education Foundation Student Scholarship Program has helped 790 young people realize their dreams for the future by continuing their education,” said Vince Price, chairman of Florida Realtors Education Foundation Inc. “We’re proud to provide much-needed financial support to families often struggling to pay for their children’s college dreams. These student scholarships are one way that Realtors across the state give back to the community. It’s our investment in the future.”

Since the program’s inception, Florida Realtors has awarded a total of $1,306,300 in scholarship funding, which helped 790 students go to college or university, Price said.

Scholarship recipients are enrolled at institutions of higher learning throughout the state, such as University of Florida, University of Central Florida, University of Tampa, Florida International University, Florida Southern College, Flagler College and the University of South Florida, as well as other colleges throughout the U.S., including Brown University, Clemson University, Howard University and Stanford University, to name just a few. A variety of criteria was considered for successful applicants including: academic achievements, financial need, relationship to the Realtor family and contributions to family, school and community.

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