TradePMR to Integrate FinMason’s Risk Tolerance Process and Analytics Into Advisor Workstations

May 4, 2017 – TradePMR today announced at the 2017 Synergy Conference, an annual gathering for independent registered investment advisors (RIAs), its plan to integrate two FinMason products into its cutting-edge advisor desktop workstation, Fusion, and their new mobile-friendly platform, EarnWise. Advisors using Fusion and EarnWise will be able to access FinScore Pro, a visual risk tolerance assessment platform that allows a client or prospect to identify their ideal level of risk versus reward, even if they have little or no financial background. Advisors will then be able to introduce their recommended portfolio solution directly into the visual risk tolerance framework, showing clients the value of their advice in an intuitive way that does not rely on obscure labels and blind trust.

TradePMR will also become one of the industry’s first custodial services platform to integrate with FinMason’s FinRiver, a suite of lightning-fast APIs that give Fusion and EarnWise clients access to institutional-grade investment analytics on virtually every publicly traded investment available.

“Staying on the cutting edge of custodial services means bringing the best solutions to our clients,” said Robb Baldwin, founder, and CEO of TradePMR. “FinMason not only has what we believe to be best-in-breed products, they are easy to integrate into our process so we can provide a seamless and intuitive workflow for our clients.”


In 2016, TradePMR introduced its next-generation workstation, EarnWise, which incorporates robo-functionality for advisors seeking to serve digital and traditional clients. EarnWise allows advisors to put account opening and electronic portfolio selection at the client’s fingertips without compromising any of the trust built on the strong foundation of Fusion, TradePMR’s award-winning1 advisor workstation.

“For the past 20 years, advisors on the TradePMR have learned that TradePMR is willing to go above and beyond to provide technology tools and custodial support that gives advisors an edge in delivering best-of-class service,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CFA, CEO and founder of FinMason. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with TradePMR as they continue innovating and evolving their impressive and robust advisor workstation.”

“As the advisor landscape changes, we are committed to helping our clients adapt by bringing them the technology and service it takes to win. And, these days, winning means increasing a client’s understanding of the value of advice instead of having to just rely on the ‘trust me’ approach,” Baldwin said.

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