Award Winning Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool Stops the Pain and Itch From Insect Bites Fast and Effectively

April 25, 2017 – Removing bug poison beneath the skin’s surface to immediately stop the pain and itch from insect bites has never been easier with the new Bug Bite Thing suction pump. The product was just launched at the start of 2017 and has already won a Family Choice Award, which recognizes the best in children and parenting products. Launched in Jupiter, Florida, by mom Kelley Higney, the Bug Bite Thing has already become a local hot product and has garnered many positive reviews.

“We put the Bug Bite Thing to the test,” says Michael Murphy from Reins Fishing. “Not only did it keep us from itching from a few stray irritants, but it allows us to make some more great memories in the outdoors.”

The Bug Bite Thing is a little plastic suction device that is clinically proven to extract bug venom. It works on a wide range of bites including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fire ants, and biting flies. The product is quickly becoming a must-have for parents and even grandparents. It’s kid-friendly and chemical-free. Best of all, it’s light and easy to clean and take on-the go. It’s perfect to store at home, in the car, on the boat, and even easy for travel.

“I’m a mom on a mission to make sure that Bug Bite Thing is a product every mom has readily available to stop the itching and pain for their kids who have bug bites,” says Higney. “It works easily and effectively. I use it on my family and so do my friends. I can’t walk down the halls of my daughter’s school and not have people ask me about it, it’s that good. All I can say is try it once, you’ll use it forever.”

Higney launched Bug Bite Thing after moving from San Diego to Jupiter and realizing she was unprepared for the bugs, especially the mosquitoes that are so common in Florida. Not wanting to skip the sun and outdoors, Higney knew that there had to be a better way to get relief from bug bites. She was a new mom and definitely did not want to use bug repellents, chemicals or sprays on her family especially her baby. She started to research products available and learned about a natural popular product in Europe and Asia that removes the bug poison from the bug bite, giving immediate relief. Higney ordered it and had amazing results.

After sharing her new-found relief remedy with friends and family, she worked with a manufacturer in Denmark, and Bug Bite Thing was created. Bug Bite Thing, available for $9.95 on the company’s website, has already been picked up by retailers. Field & Stream, a Dick’s Sporting Goods subsidiary, is currently selling Bug Bite Thing along with and

The company is open to other retailers who want to be among the first to carry this product. For more information and to make a purchase visit

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