BREAKING Offers Alternatives To Franchises: Teams Up With CLIA And Travtech To Offer New Certified Travel Specialist Program

April 21, 2017 –, in partnership with CLIA and Travtech, has launched a Certified Travel Specialist Program to help new members with limited cruise and travel experience to develop their own cruise business.

The announcement is being made at the Cruise360 Conference & Trade Show being held at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The Certified Travel Specialist Program is targeted at entrepreneurs who have limited or no experience in selling travel or cruises. Prospects for this new program will receive an extensive product, technical training and support curriculum that will give them the knowledge, tools and self-marketing capabilities to be successful. This scholastic approach to training is unique and will include a Certified Cruise Counselor designation in cooperation with CLIA, a CLIA individual membership, a TravTech certification in booking engine usage, invoicing technology, a hosted website, and product support training from specialists in the cruise industry. is committed to bringing new talent to the industry, training and supporting that talent, and fostering a whole new generation of trained and skilled cruise sales and travel specialists. For more information please call us at 888-497-7122 or visit our website at

“Certification in CLIA, intensive cruise product knowledge and cutting edge, broad-ranging technology are the key elements of our program. We are looking to bring properly trained and supported cruise experts into the industry without the burden of excessive franchise fees,” said Anthony Hamawy, President,

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