Alliance Bio-Products, Inc. Secures Processed Vegetative Waste Agreement with Indian River County

April 12, 2017 – Alliance Bio-Products, Inc. (Bio-Products), a subsidiary of Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc(OTCQB: ALLM), today announced that it has entered into an option agreement with the Indian River County solid waste disposal district for the securement of its processed vegetative waste.

The option agreement, (“the Option”) which was completed in early February, will continue to be upheld under the condition that Alliance Bio-Products secures a South Florida biofuel plant within 180 days of the signing. Once the Option has been exercised, Indian River County and the Company will enter into a final contract.

1 (21).jpeg

Within the agreement, Alliance Bio-Products will be granted the exclusive right and option to a portion of the county’s processed vegetative waste including yard and agricultural waste. The Option will enable the county to deliver waste to the Alliance BioEnergy plant without a fee, making the disposal service free of charge to the county while providing the Company with a no-cost feedstock.

The agreement provides Alliance Bio-Products with a sustainable stream of waste to supply its commercialized biofuel production. Alliance Bio-Products licenses the patented cellulose to sugar (CTS) process, capable of converting cellulose materials including vegetative waste into sugars, for the production of biofuels including ethanol. The use of these materials in the CTS process makes the direct delivery of the waste to the plant of great value to the Company, particularly for future ethanol production efforts.

“We look forward to working with Indian River County in our efforts to create a cleaner energy that simultaneously reduces carbon footprint and disposes of the county’s waste in a productive manner,” said Benjamin Slager, Chief Technology Officer, Alliance Bio-Products, Inc. “Not only do we have the opportunity to reuse the county’s waste, which would otherwise take up valuable space in local landfills, we also have the capability and technology to transform that waste into products and eco-friendly fuel which could be of value to local residents. Together, the county and the Company can benefit from this partnership with cleaner energy, new jobs and reduced waste.”

Through the agreement with the county, the Company will be able to reduce CO2 emissions greatly and will further reduce carbon footprint through the repurposing of the county’s green waste.

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