Wyoming Widow with LINN Losses sues JP Morgan

April 4, 2017 – The law firm of Securities Fraud Attorney Mark A. Tepper has filed claim against JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM), on behalf of a retired Wyoming widow. The claim seeks recovery of losses suffered by the widow from a “toxic mix of volatile energy and natural resource securities with commodity price risk and debt risk,” “which resulted in bankruptcy” of each of the companies: Linn Energy LLC (OTC: LINEQ), Peabody Energy Corp. (OTC: BTUUQ) (both its stock and bonds), Atlas Resource Partners LP3 (OTC: ARPJQ), Azure Midstream Partners (OTC: AZUR) and BreitBurn Energy Partners, LP (OTC: BBEPQ).

“The broker’s recommendations exposed [the widow’s] irreplaceable retirement assets to the high risk of substantial loss which far exceeded her lower risk tolerance,” the Claim alleges.

The Claim further alleges that the widow did not have a brokerage account until Respondent opened her first accounts after she was widowed.

The Mark A. Tepper law firm is continuing its investigation into alleged claims against brokerage firms for recommending companies engaged in similar activities. The firm recently announced FINRA Arbitration Awards in separate claims for damages against Raymond James and Merrill Lynch. Each of the claims was upheld by a FINRA arbitrator in favor of clients who had Linn Energy or Breitburn investments. “Investors who believe they’ve been defrauded should always investigate their legal rights to determine the merits of potential claims,” Mr. Tepper said.

For a free case evaluation from the Mark A. Tepper law firm, email attorney Mark Tepper at askmark@marktepper.com or call 954-961-0096.

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