OmStars, The First Yoga TV Channel, Launches Today After One Of The Most Funded Yoga Kickstarter Campaigns To Date

April 4, 2017 – Today, Kino MacGregor and Kerri Verna have officially launched the world’s first YogaTV channel created by yogis, for yogis. The campaign ran from January 16th through March 22nd and exceeded its initial original goal by nearly three times. The launch is being kicked off with thousands of people participating in an Instagram Handstand Challenge.

“OmStars has been our dream and we are thrilled that it is now a reality for us and for the world. OmStars is officially the world’s first YogaTV channel for yogis to practice, surrender, reflect, and have some fun along the way,” explains Kino MacGregor, co-founder of OmStars.

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The online subscription thoughtfully guides users through courses designed by Kino and Kerri rather than a confusing stream of randomized classes. Each class fits into a larger course. In this way, users can naturally progress towards specific goals, whether that be understanding yoga, mastering inversions, or modifications. Together with leaders in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy living, all of the content is produced exclusively for the OmStars channel. There are currently 240 videos live on the channel. Kerri and her husband, Nick, wrapped filming of their yoga and healthy cooking videos and Natalie Prigoone from Australia’s Great Uncooking will soon be featured on the channel.

The content focuses on the following areas:

  • Practice – Yoga, Meditation and Movement Courses
  • Insight – Research, Study, Knowledge and Wisdom Courses
  • Wellness – Vegan Cooking and Balanced Living Courses and Tips
  • Culture – Travel, Fun and Play Tips

To learn more about OmStars, please visit:

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