Naked Lime Marketing Continues to Deliver Tangible Results for Dealers

April 4, 2017 – Naked Lime Marketing continues to deliver quality leads to automobile retailers through its full-service suite of dealership marketing, advertising, and web services.

“What we’re hearing consistently from dealers is Naked Lime’s services are delivering tangible results that they see reflected in their bottom line,” said Chris Walsh, vice president at Naked Lime. “With the help of our dedicated specialists, dealers using our services are better able to grab the attention of their audience, build stronger customer relationships, and increase sales.”

Walsh pointed to specific examples of dealer feedback:

“If you’re looking at Naked Lime and you don’t have any type of marketing setup, they can help you from the ground floor,” said Sandy Austell, general manager of Lexus of Riverside in Riverside, California. “If you’ve got things that are already set up, it’s just going to be a huge enhancement for you.”

“One of the great things we have with Naked Lime is our monthly meeting,” she added. “We can actually pinpoint customers we need to communicate with, whether via a specific model, a specific year, etc. I love Naked Lime!”

Focusing on Naked Lime’s targeted marketing service, in which specialists can send personalized, data-driven messages to customers on dealers’ behalf, another Naked Lime customer explained the boost to his dealership’s bottom line.

“We saw an increase of more than $37,000 in service revenue between our two stores in just one month,” said Dave Tedder, internet director of Sanderson Ford in Phoenix, Arizona. “The SEO and Social services have increased unique visitors by 1,500 a month.”

“That’s almost a 17% increase,” he added.

In addition, dealers also highlighted the benefits of using XtreamService to generate sales.

“The XtreamService approach is now how we get our day started,” said Adrian Burone, general manager of Bert Ogden Toyota in Harlingen, Texas. “Sometimes at 8 a.m. we already have four or five deals working. We tend to make a lot more money on those leads because we have more control over the deal.”

Walsh concluded: “In 2017, we’re continuing our mission to provide the best digital marketing, advertising, and web services for automotive retailers. We believe we’re well positioned to do so through the breadth and depth of the services we offer and the talents of our experienced team of specialists who carry out those services.”

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