Lightking receives patent for its revolutionary Air Series LED billboard

March 29, 2017 – Large, medium, and small billboard operators have begun placing dozens of orders for Lightking’s Air Series LED billboard. Through its light-weight air flow-through design, Air Series is half the weight and 20% less wind load than standard box-type LED signs, saving billboard owners tens of thousands in structural reinforcement costs, and making static to digital retrofits feasible and permittable for thousands of sites across the US.

“The industry is loving the Air Series LED Billboard. It’s easy to transport, easy to install, easy to service, and easy to sell to advertisers because it’s simply the most beautiful picture quality in the marketplace,” said President of Lightking, Timur Colak. “It’s also the longest lasting, brightest, and best-value-for-your-money LED billboard available today.”

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Air Series has the sharpest picture quality on the market due to the most contrast of any LED billboard. Front vents create over 20% open space, contributing to this high contrast while also lowering wind loads and continuously cooling the LEDs. Proprietary electronics such as the world’s largest LED chips and innovative 12-volt power supply make Air Series the most energy efficient and reliable LED billboard you can acquire.

As one Lightking client said, “Lightking has done for our industry what Apple did when they launched the iPhone. This is our industry’s equivalent of the smart phone. Thank you for literally thinking outside the box.”

A video of an Air Series billboard installation is available on Lightking’s YouTube channel, or by clicking here.

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