Chelsea Design Awarded 2017 DCOTA Design Star on the Rise Award

MIAMI, March 9, 2017 — Chelsea Design, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious 2017 DCOTA Design Stars on the Rise Award.

The Stars of Design and on the Rise Awards are presented by DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas); DCOTA is the premier destination for those seeking the finest design showrooms and industry professionals along the East Coast of the United States. Each year DCOTA representatives honor excellence on the world of design. DCOTA, which nominates and selects Stars of Design Winners, is comprised of industry experts, manufacturers and design peers.

Chelsea Design, Inc. led by its founders Regina Agro and Samantha McKenna have continually excelled in both residential and commercial design. They have shown fantastic prowess in design/build as well as renovation projects throughout the world. “This award is a testament to the skills, ingenuity, and vision of our team and the support of our industry partners. We are so appreciative and grateful for this recognition from our peers and look forward to many more years of continuing to create beautiful and timeless spaces,” stated Regina Agro.

Samantha McKenna and Regina Agro created Chelsea Design in 2006 from a desire to design spaces that would be loved and enjoyed by their clients. They have dedicated their personal time and attention to each and every project to insure their client’s happiness and as a result Chelsea Design, Inc. has become one of the world’s top design firms.

“Of course, no two clients have the same lives, tastes or dreams just as no two interiors have the same light, proportions, history or personality. Each and every client is different; and so, too, is each and every building, each and every space. Chelsea Design’s interiors therefore differ markedly from one another. However, they all reflect Samantha and Regina’s personal aesthetic: their predilection for light, air and space; their pursuit of both simplicity and refinement; their emphasis not only on restraint but also on softness; and the importance they attach to materials and to texture,” stated Mr. Cohen of DCOTA.

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