Crafting Soon: First Florida PizzaRev Set to Debut in Coral Gables in March


MIAMI, Jan. 25, 2017 — Florida-based restaurant group Surfside Pizza, LLC led by Chris Mellgren, will soon open the doors to Florida’s first PizzaRev — a craft-your-own artisanal pizza concept that has earned a loyal following for its revolutionary approach to an American favorite. The new Coral Gables restaurant, scheduled to open in March at 130 Miracle Mile, will change how the community thinks about pizza with offerings like fresh-pressed, homemade dough, locally sourced ingredients, all-natural cheeses, and vegan and gluten-free options. It will be the first of 45 franchise locations this group has planned for the South Florida market. Each new restaurant will bring approximately 50 jobs into the area.

“We are thrilled to expand our restaurant portfolio with PizzaRev — a brand that is revolutionizing America’s favorite food,” said Mellgren. “We’re eager to introduce this new dining experience to the Coral Gables community and know this new destination along Miracle Mile will become a popular place for families and friends to create new memories while enjoying pizza.”

This marks the 23rd group of major restaurant brand operators PizzaRev has partnered with to expand the fast-casual pizza franchise across the country. Based in Miami, Florida, Surfside Coffee, LLC, also led by Mellgren, operates one of the largest Dunkin’ Donuts franchise networks in the state. The group is backed by Fireman Capital Partners, LLC (“FCP”), a private equity firm, and led by Mellgren as its CEO. Mellgren brings a wealth of experience in the space having developed multiple, highly successful franchise networks across the U.S.

PizzaRev offers a fully customized dining experience that empowers guests to craft a personal pizza, including any of the 30+ toppings, for one price. The restaurant also serves custom entrée salads, the famous OREO dessert pizza, and a selection of beer and wine.

Most unique to PizzaRev, and what enables the restaurant’s unprecedented speed of service, is the custom-built, 900-degree stone-bed oven. Guests watch the dancing flames in the background as their pizzas are fired to a perfect, Roman-style crispiness in less than three minutes. Exposed ceilings, concrete floors and natural tones offer a minimalist yet inviting atmosphere, where the focus is on providing guests with an interactive pizza experience unlike anything they’ve ever had.

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