Florida Medicaid Now Covers TheraSkin®


NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Jan. 20, 2017 / — The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Florida Medicaid) now provides coverage for the use of TheraSkin®, a product from Soluble Systems, LLC, a real skin therapy that effectively treats chronic wounds with head to toe indications.  TheraSkin® is backed by 7 years of successful clinical experience and significant published evidence. TheraSkin® is a highly cost effective living cell human skin product for closure of chronic wounds and is now available in four sizes – 6, 13, 39 and 116cm2.

The decision by the Florida Medicaid Program will now cover this limb and life-saving product for their more than 3,300,000 Medicaid recipients. Florida residents with diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers will now have access to clinically effective and cost effective living cell therapy with TheraSkin®.

Diabetic patients will particularly benefit from the wound healing capabilities of TheraSkin®. When conventional therapy fails, these patients are involved in nearly two-thirds of all non-traumatic lower limb amputations each year. TheraSkin® clinical results demonstrate the potential to heal wounds and save many patients from these life-threatening lower limb amputations by effectively closing wounds.

TheraSkin® is one of the fastest growing products in the advanced wound care market. The clinical outcomes and closure rates combined with cost effectiveness have been the drivers to growth. A retrospective study of 188 consecutive patients published in Foot & Ankle demonstrated healing speed in wounds from 1 to 252 cm2. DFU wounds in the group had 60.4% healing at 12 weeks and 74.1% at 20 weeks. The venous wounds group healed at 60.8% in 12 weeks and 74.6% at 20 weeks. The study demonstrated smaller VLU wounds of less than 6.34 cm2 had a healing rate of 86.67% in 20 weeks. (1).

TheraSkin® provides necessary growth factors and cytokines to treat chronic wounds; however, it also provides a large quantity of essential human collagens in appropriate ratios to support healing. This allows TheraSkin® to be used on more severe wounds with exposed bone, tendon, joint capsules or muscle.

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